• 8% to 10%
    Annual Return
  • Monthly Dividends
  • Mortgage Secured

Committed to you
and your business

EquityLine MIC supports Financial Advisors (FAs), Portfolio Managers and Dealing Representatives (DRs) by providing private capital market investments that enhance diversification and deliver yield.

In Canada, we’re contracted with SGGG Fund Services Inc. and listed on Fundserv to facilitate transactions by Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization (CIRO)-registered FAs and PMs. We’re also contracted with several Exempt Market Dealers (EMDs) to serve DRs, and we’re an active member of the Private Capital Markets Association (PCMA).

To help your clients make the most of the EquityLine MIC investment opportunity, we:

  • Provide EquityLine’s product and investment overview
  • Deliver timely communications and up-to-date insights
  • Partner with you on conference calls and webinars to educate clients

What we offer

EquityLine MIC offers three distinct preferred income share offerings to complement your business objectives.

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Series B Preferred Shares

  • Commission-based (front-end)
  • CIRO | Canadian Private Capital Market
  • Cumulative 8.0%–10% dividend per annum, paid monthly
  • Redemptions: Declining 3-year term
  • Fundserv code: BEL 203
  • C$10.00 per share

Series F Preferred Shares

  • Fee-based accounts
  • CIRO | Canadian Private Capital Market
  • Cumulative 8.5% dividend per annum, paid monthly
  • Redemptions: 30-day notice
  • Fundserv code: BEL 205
  • C$10.00 per share
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Series I Preferred Shares

  • Fee-based accounts
  • CIRO | Canadian Private Capital Market
  • Cumulative 7.0%–10% dividend per annum, paid monthly
  • Redemptions: Declining 1-year term
  • Trailer: 1% annual trailer, 0.25% paid quarterly for the duration of the investment
  • Fundserv code: BEL 207
  • C$10.00 per share

Get the EquityLine MIC team working for you
Business Relationship Team

Mark Simone
Chief Operating Officer

Philip Douglas
Senior Vice President, Dealer Relations

Resource Centre

EquityLine MIC provides timely and up to date materials.

Professional service providers

  • Manager: EquityLine Financial Services Corp.
  • Auditor: Grant Thronton LLP
  • Legal: Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP
  • Custodian: Computershare Trust Company of Canada
  • Transfer Agent: SGGG Fund Services Inc.
  • Trustee: Olympia Trust
  • Fundserve: Belco
  • Bank: TD Bank (Commercial)

EquityLine MIC not yet on your product shelf?

Ask your IIROC-Regulated Dealer or Exempt Market Dealer to contact our Business Development Team. Once you’re set up, your clients can start benefiting from EquityLine MIC’s stable monthly income.

Industry Dealers

CG PI Financial Echelon Huxton Black Huxton Black Belco

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The EquityLine Mortgage Investment Corporation is not a reporting issuer in any province or territory of Canada, and therefore the Series B,  Series F, and Series I Preferred Shares are subject to an indefinite hold period. They cannot be traded but they can be redeemed under the terms of our redemption policy as described in the Offering Memorandum. The Series B, Series F, and Series I Preferred Shares are only available to qualified investors through licensed advisors.